Orla O'Connor

"Orla has the most wonderful talent at searching out - the unusual - the daring - the brave choice. Sometimes I wonder if a director would make some of their choices without her. Without her help - without her enthusiasm - without her instinct. She is detailed and caring. She has the greatest patience and she really gets to know her director. She breathes in every aspect of every role. Gets to know it inside out. She listens. Actors love being in a room with her because they know she always get the best out of them. She makes them feel at ease. She furnishes the director with such great choices - and all of them are always relevant. I would never have found my Daisy Gahan without Orla. And she didn't find one - she found several  girls that all had wonderful qualities. Everyone of them were able to give it their best shot because Orla gave them the time and made them feel special."

Aisling Walsh